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Shift Exchange Meeting Training

Probably the single most important mechanism item in sustaining ongoing manufacturing improvement.

Daily discussion of issues and improvements in unit meetings between shifts generates the involvement and communication that are essential for ownership and development.

These are the real elements absolutely necessary for sustaining ongoing improvement. These meetings involve shift personnel, but need constant involvement from maintenance personnel, managers, supervision, engineering, etc.

This is a one day class for managers, supervisors, team leaders, maintenance managers, plant engineers, etc.

It can be followed up with some on site time setting up and facilitating actual shift exchange meetings.

This class outlines:

  • The real objectives of the meeting
  • Key elements in conducting the meetings
  • Who should attend?
  • Agendas that work
  • Ground Rules

Various Points Covered:

  • Taking the time
  • Why solving the problem just isn’t that important
  • How much structure?
  • Participation!!
  • How rigorous do we need to be?
  • Explore what went well as well as what didn't.
  • When? Before? After?
  • Developing facilitators
  • Defining communication responsibilities
  • Servants not leaders
  • Genuine is essential.
  • Small is big
  • Big is too big
  • What does businesslike really mean?
  • Is speed a good objective?
  • Egos left at the door
  • No one dreads coming.
  • No humiliation.
  • Power to get things done.
  • Ties to Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.
  • Education and training purpose
  • Building value for processes
  • Building value for teams vs individuals
  • How to track and follow up
  • Help when falling behind
  • Responsibility to document
  • Group choices vs individual choices
  • How tangential can we be?
  • Side conversations?
  • Rotating resource help
  • Commitment to being there.
  • Valid reasons for leaving
  • Meetings must be productive or they will die
  • Avoiding rote content and behavior
  • Punctuality
  • Etiquette
  • Ground Rule reiteration
  • Nazi facilitation?