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Plant Maintenance Assessments

The Proactive Maintenance Assessment is intended to provide both an outsider's evaluation and also a guided self evaluation by plant personnel of the effectiveness and efficiency of the plant's maintenance system.

It is essentially a benchmarking study evaluating the system for conformance with the proven standard components of a maintenance system, and with industry standard performance parameters of a maintenance system. It applies to any plant structure, traditional or team based.

The assessment is a constructive tool with several purposes:

  • Provide a maintenance training / learning experience for all involved in the assessment process. The questionnaire interview / discussion process is intended to allow individuals to assess their systems themselves, and in so doing gain a clear picture of where we are trying to get to, and what we need to do to get there.
  • To identify what basic components of a maintenance system are in place, and assess the overall effectiveness of the system, identifying items being done well and areas where there is opportunity for improvement.
  • Provide basic, opportunity for improvement, gap information for a review and improvement strategy session with the plant leadership team