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Lean Manufacturing 101 Training

This is a one or two day workshop, intended for plant leadership groups, that focuses on generating productivity improvement, by understanding and strengthening the basic processes of manufacturing. In so doing this accomplishes the "Lean" objective of ongoing waste elimination.

Key points:

  • Why does performance of plants cycle up and down? Why do all the Improvement Programs always run out of steam?
  • Basics: Safety, Housekeeping, Product Quality, Equipment Care, A Permanent Problem Solving/ Improvement Process.
  • Why the strength of these basics is so essential for the success of any manufacturing operation.
  • Why do they wane?
  • "Put the processes is in place and the results will come".
  • Basic routine mechanisms that will sustain these basics.
  • Routine Kaizen vs Event Kaizen
  • Lean waste elimination tools, Value Stream Mapping, 5S, TPM, Why Why, SMED, etc,and how they fit in
  • Why ownership is the key
  • Success through the majority or the minority?
  • Management behavior necessary to sustain the basics.
  • Getting it done during normal operations.
  • Getting it done without massive resources and downtime.
  • Getting it done quickly!
The workshop is in two stages:
  1. A classroom session covering the content and including group breakout sessions using actual plant situations to develop understanding, and develop some basic information about the plant itself.
  2. Initial working group sessions to develop a path forward for the plant