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Maintenance 101 Training

This workshop is an essential early part of the equipment care improvement effort in a plant. Usually following a maintenance assessment (recommended), it combines maintenance system education, equipment care issues discussion, and the development of an overall plant equipment care improvement strategy.

It is targeted for plant leadership and key maintaining and operating personnel.

The objectives of the session are:

  1. To develop understanding of the principles of Proactive Maintenance (involving everyone, not just the maintenance organization) as the most effective and the most efficient least cost way of managing maintenance and manufacturing.
  2. To develop understanding of the Basic Maintenance System Components And Processes
  3. Identify and Discuss Issues with the Current Plant Equipment Care Systems and Practices and begin development of an Improvement Strategy.

The bulk of the class is discussion of the various elements of a proactive maintenance system,  the various issues around equipment care in that plant and others, and what is involved in  implementing and sustaining proactive maintenance in a plant.
The class is not simply presentation of content; it is intended to generate a preliminary path forward for equipment care improvement in a plant, through a series of focused discussions. For this exercise to be successful and develop a meaningful committed strategy, all those who will have major impact on the plan in the plant must participate.

This strategy document is an ongoing working document for the Equipment Care Improvement Effort in a plant. It does not relate necessarily to a CMMS implementation, but to the long-term forward movement of the maintenance effort in a plant.

The session is typically structured to take two half days and one full day to allow participants to take care of plant business in the other half days, but can be tailored to fit plant needs.

Session Components

  • Outline
  • Why Proactive Maintenance is Essential
  • Preventive Maintenance and Autonomous Maintenance
  • Work Order Systems
  • Work Order Planning
  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Spare Parts Inventory and Purchasing
  • Reliability Improvement
  • Equipment Care Metrics and their use.
  • Maintenance, Operating and other relevant Data Analysis
  • Summary
  • Build the Plant Strategy (1st Pass).

    John has conducted this workshop over thirty times in a wide variety of manufacturing plants. The key elements are common and continue to evolve, but none of the sessions have ever been identical.